Monday, October 25, 2004


History !? (Four one-liners combo!)

Old History: In the time of Omar Ibn-El-Khattab, Arabic troops liberated the North-African countries from the Roman oppressive occupation and brought these countries into light.

Recent History: In the time of George W. Bush, the U.S.-led neo-crusader coalition invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, commited war crimes and suppressed many revolts by these countrie' own peoples.

From an Arabic history book in 2010


Old History: In the time of Omar Ibn-El-Khattab, Arabic troops invaded North Africa to establish an Empire that lasted many centuries, suppressing many revolts by the native inhabitants of these lands and imposing many types of taxes.

Recent History: George W. Bush lead the coalition of the willing who liberated Afghanistan and Iraq from the oppressive regimes and the foreign terrorists that ruled them, and brought these countries into the light of freedom and democracy.

From an American history book in 2010

so pray do tell me, why was the arab occupation a liberation?

how does this differ from americans liberating Iraq?

or perhaps you never heard about al 3adma al zarka, al gezia, etc.
Mr. or Ms. Anonymous,
what are you asking exactly? Have you read the post?
I didn't call anything liberation or invasion... Ask those who write the text books...
Ignore these eejits. Some poeple are too quick to jump to a conclusion. And too quick to force an ill-thought-through opinion onto others.

Your post raised a valid point about perception of the truth. In this case there is no such thing as the truth - only political and cultural indoctrination. Neither side is right. And both sides are wrong.

Just because people have died for a belief doesn't make it right.
I'm reminded of the words from a song

"Meet the New Boss, Same as the old Boss"
Very well put! Value laden history terms are impossible to eliminate. And when you do, you're stuck wallowing in the depths of nihilism without reason for history.
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